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A New Year Resolution?!

Happy New Year 2021

Billions of years of evolution has baked into our DNA a deep sense of caution or fear of anything we see as ‘new’ or unfamiliar. From the moment life began at a microscopic level, the difference between familiar and unfamiliar was the difference between existing or possibly not! That in a nutshell is what has driven our own psychology to favour the familiar and be cautious of the ‘new’.

There appears to be one universal exception and that is when ‘new’ relates to the year ahead of us! Perhaps this is because we experience time as travelling only in one direction and the familiarity of that notion has also baked into our DNA?
I propose having a universal New Year Resolution:

To be less cautious and fearful of the new and unfamiliar and allow time to take its course!

Our day to day lives are much less dangerous than those of our evolutionary ancestors, in the beginning anything new had far greater and immediate consequences. Now, most things that are unfamiliar will not kill or harm our chances of existing, clearly with the exception of the New Coronavirus!

Notwithstanding the virus and the impact it has had and is continuing to have on our lives. Isn’t it time we were all a little braver in our day to day lives? It is not without good reason we have the expression ‘Fortune favours the brave’!

Let us learn from the past year, in many ways the ‘unfamiliar’ has been forced upon us in 2020, new ways of learning, of working, of routines, of exercising, and socialising etc. Our baked-in deepest fears rarely if ever materialise. However, our sub-conscious, like an overprotective parent nags us into favouring the safety of the familiar.

Like gravity, the familiar pulls us away from the new, each time we seek a new vocation, a new routine, a new idea, taking a tremendous amount of energy, physical and mental, like a rocket launching into space.
2020 should have taught us that we can survive the new and unfamiliar. We have adapted to and embraced change, in ways that we never imagined. Lnotepadet that give all of us greater confidence to seek the new and unfamiliar as we celebrate the year ahead.

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year
Max Fuller
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