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Agency Myth Number 4: Are Estate Agents Sheep?

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sheep in a field

At first glance you could be forgiven for thinking that way, especially if you take a drone-like view and see the estate agency industry as a field and estate agents as the livestock within it.

An aerial view of time delayed images would certainly see a flock-like behaviour pretty much moving as one around the field. A few sheep leading the direction of the others, the main body of numbers forming a teardrop shape as they follow behind with a few stragglers trying to catch up.

But if we zoom in for a closer look the pictures show a more complex image emerging. The flock are indeed sheep in appearance; however, the flock is not of one breed but an assortment. The largest breed by number is represented by the corporate sheep, a crossbreed of several regional breeds, mature and fat they will generally be situated in the first half of the main body of the flock, although occasionally they will lead.

At the head of the flock the second largest in number, the regional sheep, a hardy beast, some are best for wool others for meat, some do better in the harsh conditions of winter whilst others flourish in the spring. These until recently have been the boldest members of the flock.

The remainder of the flock being made up of a host of indeterminant breeds, the Independent varieties, all very similar though slightly different but only to the expert eye! At the rear playing catch up have been the hybrids and online, often seen as the lowest ranking of all the breeds.

The Flock mentality

The flock mentality is driven by a combination of profitability and innovation and the sheep who head the way are the ones who adopt innovation to seek an increase profitability. As they find their new feeding patch the other sheep soon follow with the hybrids and online breeds picking over the remaining blades missed by the main flock.

When farmer Rightmove wants them to change field he, with his two sheep dogs Zoopla & OnTheMarket guide them in the direction they need to go. Agents may appear as sheep. However farmer Rightmove thinks them to be cows because he has been milking them a while now!

However, the true nature of an agent is neither cow nor sheep, read my blog next Monday to find out their true animal spirit!

Max Fuller is Creator and Founder of Mutual Pre-Portal Property Platform.