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Buyers Become Sellers

Somewhere between 40% to 60% of registered buyers are or will soon be selling their own property.

How many of these potential clients are you converting into client instructions?

Whatever size of agency, or current success rate the answer is most likely: “Not enough”

The Problem Identified

Agencies find maintaining a buyer database is time consuming and costly, often not even being able to contact all search portal leads. Whilst buyers can feel overwhelmed with agent contact early on and neglected later as agencies concentrate efforts on fresh new buyers.

The Mutual Solution

Mutual allows agents the opportunity to present all their pre-instructed appraised properties to their existing buyer database before they have left the prospective vendor’s home!

Mutual provides buyers equal and fair access to all the agency properties, through the Mutual Pre-Portal Property Platform. Enabling buyers to see more properties sooner and registering their interest automatically. Our platform places the buyer in more control of the process, automatically generating a higher level of trust. We nurture these buyers on your behalf towards tempting them to test market their own property first and then to request a market appraisal with you.

Qualified Leads

Seller leads are delivered into your agency dashboard complete with mobile and email contact details, the day and timeframe the client wants to be contacted plus their pre-market listing. So, you get an idea of their price expectation, the internal property view and main features, plus an anonymised list of buyers who have already expressed interest in that property!

Buyer leads as mentioned above are anonymised for pre-market properties but, the information you receive shows you the buyers current residence circumstances as well as their financial/mortgage situation, date they expressed their interest and strength of interest.

We also show you how well their search matched with the target property with a set of up to 10 descriptors. When a property has been instructed and is placed for sale as off-market you then receive the buyers name and contact details of mobile and email address.

Qualified – Valuable – Contactable, everything leads should be.