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How does it work?

Your prospective buyers gain the transparency of a level playing field of opportunity for early access to these properties. Our platform stimulates buyer interest and provides you with contact details.
Your off-market client vendors obtain obtain additional discrete market exposure to a wider audience, creating the opportunity for quicker sales.
Your prospective client vendors gain transparency of initial market interest stimulating them to instruct you sooner.
You and your clients/prospective clients gain discrete early Pre-Market exposure stimulating quicker sales whilst protecting your stock from competitor poaching.
How Does Mutual Work?
The Mutual Pre-Portal platform allows an agent the opportunity to present all of their market appraised properties and off-market properties to a wider audience than their existing buyer database alone. This creates several benefits for agent and clients:
There are two components to the platform:
The Buyer/Seller Area:
This is where buyers can set up a search and alert (or several) for properties they may be interested in buying. The platform displays individual properties one at a time with only partial address details, snapshot property details and a set of internal photo's, a sale price-range and whether the property is available to purchase. Automatic alerts are sent out when new properties fall within the customer's requirements.
All properties viewed by a customer must be categorised as either 'Liked' (on my watch list), 'Super liked' (pass contact details to agent) or 'Not Interested' (don't show me this property again). We capture this information to share with agents and prospective sellers in an anonymised format. We give agents additional anonymised information which can be shared with clients, nurturing a trusted advisor relationship.
Sellers: As many buyers will also have a property to sell but are not yet ready to engage with an agent we encourage them to test market their property through us, they get to see buyer interest and are prompted to obtain a market appraisal through you because the buyers interested can only be contacted via Mutual member agencies.
Agent  Area (Dashboard)
The agent dashboard allows you to manage your instructions from initial pre-marketing all the way to sold with an easy and intuitive and interactive operating format.
Add A Market Appraisal Property:

Typically, prospective sellers obtain three market appraisals ahead of placing their property for sale. This means, on average you will not be the last agent through the door on 66% occasions!

In two out of every three appraisals you will be held in the ‘waiting-chasing-waiting’ cat and mouse scenario – sound familiar?!

With Mutual, you have the ability to give your market appraisal customers, the opportunity to pre-market their home and gain sight of buyer interest from our wider database of registered buyers. If they are ready to instruct you, our pre-marketing will stack-up buyers for when you are ready to present the property for sale.

If they are not yet ready to instruct you, the Mutual platform gives you the ideal reason for regular contact to discuss the additional anonymised buyer information we give you which sellers will be eager to hear about. No more cat and mouse! When buyer interest has reached a desirable level, your prospective vendor will require a Mutual member agency to unlock the buyer contact details and act on their behalf.


By introducing your database of registered buyers, previous vendors, tenants & landlords:

Mutual also provides buyers equal and fair access to all the member agency properties, so, they get to see more properties and sooner. Our platform allows them to register their interest in properties automatically, which is shown both to agent and clients. Our system places the buyer in more control of the process which automatically generates a higher level of customer satisfaction and trust. We nurture this on your behalf towards tempting the registered buyer to market their own property (if they have one) and onwards to requesting a market appraisal through you.

By introducing tenants, you will be placing more of your listed properties infront of an interested audience, creating additional leads for your listed properties.

By introducing landlords, you will be alerting them to the opportunity of discretely marketing a property for sale ahead of tenants leaving or ahead of possible void periods.