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Mutual is Data Secure

Your new and prospective client’s properties when listed in pre or off-market status are not openly visible to your competition. Leaving your valuable instructions protected for as long as you need, reducing the ability of your competitors to engage in any potential poaching activity.

At Mutual we feel it is important that agency and customer data should be protected and not exploited. Our view is to provide appropriate information at the time it is necessary to both customer and agency. Respecting privacy issues allows a level playing field of trust to develop. We do not sell and will not sell agency data for the purpose of agency vs agency competition.

In a world where there is so much information at everybody’s fingertips, we have adopted a ‘less is more’ approach. There are other providers who can collate, and present data far better than we can. Providing too much information can be a problem, stopping buyers and agents seeing the wood for the trees! This can create anxiety of choice and confusion for buyers and be too complex and time-consuming for agents.

Our stripped back presentation creates an intrigue factor generating more buyer viewings. Every agent knows, getting a buyer through the door is the biggest step to achieving a sale!