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Qualified Leads

With the Mutual Off-Market Property Platform, seller leads are produced when a customer uses our agency appraisal selector. When they do so, you receive an email alert and their pre-market listing is fed into your agency dashboard together with contact details and a time frame for client contact.

Ahead of organising the market appraisal you will also have details of the prospect’s price expectation, internal property photo’s and a brief list of the property features. What is different is that you also get an anonymised list of the buyers, who have already expressed interest in that property!
Buyer leads as mentioned above are anonymised for pre-market properties. However, you receive details of the buyers current residence situation as well as financial/mortgage status, and strength of interest. You will also see how well their search matched with the target property from a set of up to 10 descriptors.

Once the property has been instructed and is placed for sale on either an Off-Market or Open-Market status, the instructed agent receives the potential buyer’s name and verified contact mobile number and email address.

Qualified – Valuable – Contactable, exactly what leads should be!