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Your old Valuations

Convert Old Valuations to New Instructions

It is a well known fact that most buyers will ask three agents to value their property when they are considering selling their home. Consequently on average each estate agency converts approximately a third of market appraisals into instructions. Mutual Pre-Portal Property Platform can help you improve your existing conversion rate for market appraisals to instructions! We believe the best way for estate agents to improve their conversion is to first trial our service with your past ‘lost’ appraisals and lost instructions.

We suggest that one of the first actions you take once becoming a Mutual member is to re-connect with vendors who did not come to market or did not instruct you (if they have not already sold).

Through you, our proposition of being able to anonymously test market their property is an ideal way to coax prospects on to the market or tempt them away from their existing agency.

You get the opportunity to nurture lost appraisals and win new instructions.