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Lots of house for sale signs

Choosing the Right Estate Agent

When choosing an estate agent, always try to get three agents round to value your home, so you can get a balanced opinion on the value your property. Don’t automatically go for the agent with the highest valuation, this is an old trick to try and win your business. Agents that flatter you with a […]
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Street in London with georgian classic facades

How many properties should I view?

When looking for a property, it is natural to want to see as many properties as possible before making the “right” choice and common sense dictates that a handful of alternatives should be viewed before buying. The job of professional estate agents is to help buyers make decisions that are genuinely in their best interests. […]
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pineapple wearing ladies sunglasses

Estate Agents Sales Person or Trusted Advisor?

Estate Agents sell homes, or do they? It may sound like a trick question but it is a valid one. The industry is peppered with estate agencies claims of selling homes and it is understandable why most agents believe that they do in fact literally sell homes. However, this belief is misguided. Let me explain […]
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