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Sussanne Chambers

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Stay open minded when looking for a property

There is a well known phrase in the estate agency world known as “buyers and liars”. This isn’t some derogatory remark against potential purchasers. But a phrase that points out that people often don’t know what they are looking for when searching for property. Potential buyers will often buy the exact opposite of what they […]
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Estate agent showing a young couple a house

Why accompanied viewings sell houses.

When you get a viewing on your property it’s important to make the most out of the opportunity. Good estate agents accompany viewings because they understand there is more chance of getting a sale. Of course you can’t make someone buy a property, they will either like it or they won’t! However, a successful viewing […]
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Choose an estate agent wisely and move home quickly

Mutual gives a professional’s view on what factors you should consider when you are deciding on which estate agent to use. When choosing an estate agent, always try to get three agents round to value your property. Don’t automatically go for the agent with the highest valuation, this is an old trick and the chances […]
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house in the snow

Don’t wait until Spring to sell your home!

Now the Christmas holiday season is over, many people will start to think about the prospect of moving house. However, as the evenings will still be dark, and the garden remains rather sad, there is usually the feeling that it would probably be best to wait until the spring before putting your property on the […]
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