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wooden house locked in a chain and paddlock

Why do house sales fall through?

A staggering 30%* of property sales don’t make it from agreed sale to completion. This can be very frustrating when you think you are well on the road to moving and then your hopes are dashed. This is particularly annoying when it happens at the last minute! Unfortunately we have a bizarre system in this […]
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brick house with red door

Make the right first impression

Competition is fierce in the hunt for a buyer and you only get one chance to make a first impression! Making your property more appealing than the next one is very important if a potential buyer chooses your property over your neighbours. Presentation often makes the greatest difference. Potential buyers get a better feeling about […]
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iPhone taking a photo

Top Photography Tips

You don’t have to be a David Bailey in order to take a decent photograph, but you do need to know how to best present a room! Checkout our blog here to see tips on presenting a property at its best. Here are 11 quick tips on how to photograph your property to sell! Tip 1: […]
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green wendy house with blonde child

Moving home with children.

Moving home can be stressful enough, but children add an extra dimension and their needs should also be considered. For an adult, moving house might be logical and exciting, but for children it can be unsettling and confusing. Child psychologists advise telling the children as soon as you can after you have made the decision […]
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