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mans hand turning a dial wiht the letters R.O.I

Key Performance Indicators! (KPI’s) – The Hidden Danger!

“Unless marketing spend gives me 10x Return on Investment (ROI) I’m not interested”, I paraphrase slightly but this was the response I received from an estate agent recently, having delivered a demonstration of our new web platform. The Mutual platform provides market appraisal leads and improves existing market appraisal conversion rates. At face value, the […]
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Wooden house and Stamp Duty lable

A guide to the 2021 Budget for home movers

The Chancellor of the Exchequer revealed the budget for 2021 last month and there was plenty of information to take in about stamp duty, mortgages and tax. We have compiled all the information together in one quick and easy read so you can know everything you need about buying a house. Due to the coronavirus […]
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person wearing a white shirt holding a house and pikes of one poiund coins

How Much Should I Offer?

When you find the perfect property the question always considered what offer should be made? There is a general perception that potential buyers are entitled to submit a relatively low offer in the current market regardless of what the asking price is. However as you view properties you will understand which properties are priced too […]
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Happy New Year 2021

A New Year Resolution?!

Billions of years of evolution has baked into our DNA a deep sense of caution or fear of anything we see as ‘new’ or unfamiliar. From the moment life began at a microscopic level, the difference between familiar and unfamiliar was the difference between existing or possibly not! That in a nutshell is what has […]
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