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Sold in one day

The Hidden Message!

Currently the UK property market can be fairly described as over-heated, and this is leading to several estate agents posting to boost new listing instructions with a very typical boast. The ‘boast’ goes something like this: ‘Sold in 1 day’ ‘Sold within 24 Hours of listing’ sometimes with ‘above asking price’ etc. Whilst this approach […]
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mans hand turning a dial wiht the letters R.O.I

Key Performance Indicators! (KPI’s) – The Hidden Danger!

“Unless marketing spend gives me 10x Return on Investment (ROI) I’m not interested”, I paraphrase slightly but this was the response I received from an estate agent recently, having delivered a demonstration of our new web platform. The Mutual platform provides market appraisal leads and improves existing market appraisal conversion rates. At face value, the […]
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Happy New Year 2021

A New Year Resolution?!

Billions of years of evolution has baked into our DNA a deep sense of caution or fear of anything we see as ‘new’ or unfamiliar. From the moment life began at a microscopic level, the difference between familiar and unfamiliar was the difference between existing or possibly not! That in a nutshell is what has […]
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Merry Christmas and Thank You with Christmas bauble

Merry Christmas from

We would like to thank everyone who has so far been a part of our quiet revolution! Bringing to the world of estate agency, the new and exciting digital space of the Pre-Portal Property Platform. We would really like to say some seasonal thank you’s. Thank you to those who have collaborated for their interest […]
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