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Don’t wait until Spring to sell your home!

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house in the snow

Now the Christmas holiday season is over, many people will start to think about the prospect of moving house. However, as the evenings will still be dark, and the garden remains rather sad, there is usually the feeling that it would probably be best to wait until the spring before putting your property on the market. After all, spring is traditionally associated with a time of change and its associated effect on the property market.

However, we would urge some caution on this perspective. Firstly, serious buyers do not stop looking at this time of year. In fact the New Year brings new motivation to find their ideal house.  Buyers can become frustrated by lack of choice as fewer properties are coming onto the market. You can take advantage of this temporary imbalance of supply and demand by being one of the properties that is actually new on the market! Whilst viewing activity may be slightly less frenetic, you can be assured that every viewing will count, as you will only be dealing with serious buyers.

So if you are contemplating selling, we suggest you take advantage of the situation, be strategic, and position your property for an early sale at a time when demand is likely to outstrip supply.