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FAQ's For Sellers

No! The current services offered by Mutual to buyers and sellers are free of charge. However, other services may be made available in the future, at which point a charge may incur.
You can set up a notification email and/or sms alert for buyer interest on Mutual and you can also review your listing through your property profile on your dashboard.
No. Personal information on buyers registered on Mutual is kept private, you will not be able to access buyers’ information in order to contact them. However, if you decide to instruct a Mutual member agency, they will receive the contact details of all registered buyers who have ‘Super liked’ your property.
There is no need as this is automatically done for you! All the information you add to your account, such as your name and address, will never appear on searches to other users. Only the first part of your property's postcode is shown to buyers and your identity is protected. However, estate agents will have access to your contact details once you have requested a market appraisal.
When ready, you can choose from a range of Mutual’s trusted member agencies to request one or more market appraisals (a valuation). You can choose up to 3 agencies via our 'Request an Appraisal' feature. Once an agency has visited your property they can add extra photos, confirm the price and place a 'District' in your property profile which you can choose to use or not!
No. You are free to choose an estate agent not registered with Mutual. However, that estate agent will not have access to details of the prospective interested buyers gathered through Mutual. We can only share these with a Mutual registered agency.
The anonymised information our registered agencies receive allows them, once instructed to filter your preferences on your behalf.

FAQ's For Buyers

When you see the properties available through conducting a search on our platform, you can choose to either ‘Like’ or ‘Superlike’ it or click ‘Not Interested’.

This gives anonymised feedback for sellers/agents to consider how interested prospective buyers are in their property. ‘Liking’ a property signals to home owners you are mildly interested and would like to keep informed, while ‘Super liking’ a property means you want to be contacted as soon as this property becomes available to purchase.
No. However, by ‘Super liking’ a property, you will be informed as soon as that property is available to purchase ( if via a Mutual member agency) and your contact details will be automatically shared with the estate agency representing that property.
No. Your contact details will only be shared with estate agents if you have chosen to do so, by using the 'Super Liking' feature. If, for example, a house you have only 'liked' has now become available for purchase, you will be alerted and can then decide to share your information with the estate agency by ‘Super liking’ the property.
Our platform saves every property you have viewed, so you can revisit them as and when you like from the 'Manage My Preference Lists' tab in your dashboard. All properties you have viewed will be placed in one of the three folders (‘Liked’, ‘Super liked’, ‘Not Interested’), where you can change your preference decisions at any time.
Our property search automatically filters out previously viewed properties, meaning you shouldn’t see those properties again in your search results unless they have had a change of status. Previously viewed properties can be viewed again from the 'Manage My Preference Lists' tab in your dashboard.
This is automatically done for you! All the information you add to your account, such as your name and address, will never be available to be seen by other buyers or sellers. Your contact details will only be shared with the instructed estate agency if you have chosen to ‘Super like’ a property. If you have changed your mind about a particular property you can manage this from your 'Manage My Preference Lists' tab in your dashboard by changing your preference to 'Like' or 'Not Interested'. However, if the property has already been instructed the relevant agent will have received your contact details.
You can choose to receive automated alerts, these will update you when a property has changed status al only if the property in question is marketed by a member agency. We are not able to alert you if the property is marketed via a non-Mutual estate agency.
Yes, if the property is within your saved search criteria and you have set your alert notification. Each separate search has it's own alert notification. You can also visit Mutual regularly to keep yourself up to date.
As many as you like! Your searches and alert notification choices are automatically saved for you. Each time you return to make a search, you have the option to edit your existing search, check the existing search or add a new search. This means you can select multiple small search area's, choose different criteria for different area's or properties and have different search preferences for a partner! Searches and alerts can be amended or deleted from the 'Searches' tab in your dashboard.