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Make the right first impression

brick house with red door

Competition is fierce in the hunt for a buyer and you only get one chance to make a first impression! Making your property more appealing than the next one is very important if a potential buyer chooses your property over your neighbours.

Presentation often makes the greatest difference. Potential buyers get a better feeling about a well-presented property as clearly it looks more attractive. It also suggests that the owners have cared for and maintained it well.

Here are a few tips that we help make your property stand out from the crowd:

  1. A newly painted front door is very welcoming.
  2. A tidy property is less cluttered and suggests that storage space is not a problem. Make a point of clearing away any unnecessary clothes, magazines, toys, crockery, etc..
  3. Make sure the entrance hall is clear of coats and shoes.
  4. Check and repair any dripping taps, leaking gutters, squeaking hinges, etc..
  5. Have a good clear out by going through your house and donate anything you no longer need to charity.
  6. Box up non-essential items you want to keep and store them in the attic or garage ready for your move.
  7. Have the carpets professionally cleaned.
  8. Give the house a ready good deep clean from top to bottom.
  9. Check that the grouting/sealant in the bathroom is not discoloured.
  10. Make sure all the lights work and the house is well-lit – even during the day.
  11. Keep the windows sparkling clean, inside and out.
  12. Ensure the garden is tidy, lawn mown, leaves cleared away. Screen off any unsightly areas – and keep the car clean as well.

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