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FAQ's for Agents

Agents FAQ's

Why should I join Mutual Off-Market?

Mutual provides member agencies with the ability to introduce their appraised properties ahead of instruction to their registered buyers (and those of other agencies) to gain pre-market interest. Your prospective seller can see the interest level in their property on our system (without the need for you to call or email your database), this transparency acts as a soft touch close to winning the instruction for hesitant sellers improving your conversion rates and therefore your revenue.

How do I benefit by introducing my registered buyers and clients to Mutual?

A large proportion of your registered buyers will also be looking to sell their homes, typically this is somewhere between 40-60%. We help you convert more buyers into sellers.

What happens with my own registered buyer database? 

We recommend that you continue to keep, update and run your buyer database as you currently do. Mutual Pre-Portal Property Platform is an additional aid for you to invite your customers to use so they get a better ‘Registered Buyer’ experience. Your agency gain by launching your appraisal/new instructions into a larger, deeper pool of registered buyers than you alone can provide. Selling homes quicker and achieving better sales prices.

How do I open an account with Mutual Pre-Portal Property Platform?

It is Easy! First you need to register, complete the details in the ‘Join Free’ section. To set up the account quickly just follow the process and complete the appropriate selections on the pop-up pages as they appear. Choose the required membership plan. Finally, complete the one-page Company Profile Page, adding agency address, brand & logo. You are now ready to begin to use Mutual.

How much will it cost me? 

Currently Mutual is Free for the ‘Essential Membership’ Plan, You can upgrade to our Core or Premium Plans, details of these are advised on our payment plan page.

How do I cancel my Membership?

You can cancel from your dashboard/Payment Summary and follow directions given. You are responsible for and will need to remove the Mutual+ Mail facility from your own email account.

Can more than one member of staff use the Mutual dashboard?

Yes, each agency office has a single log-in. You can ‘Add Staff’ from the dashboard section.

How do I add more offices?

If you registered as a Multi-office, then you can do so from your Dashboard using the ‘Add a Branch’ tab. Complete the office details and an email notification will be sent to the recipient email address. NOTE: Use a ‘personalised’ staff member email address. The chosen staff member will receive an email notification with a generated password, once signed-in they can create a password from the ‘Office Profile’ section of their dashboard.  An alternative way to add branches is to generate link codes from the ‘Company Profile’ page, these can be copied and pasted into an email and sent to branch managers directly with instructions the link to registration page.

If I joined Mutual as a Single Office how can I add another branch?

Please contact our administration team and we will upgrade your account  to a Multi-Office agency.

How do I Change My Membership Level?

From your dashboard>Payment Summary and follow directions given in this section.

Can I add a customer’s property without their permission?

You can add the property to the site but until the customer has confirmed the listing it is not published on our site.

What happens if I invite a customer who is already a Mutual member?

The system recognises if your customer is a member and will advise you, they are. There is no mechanism in the system to transfer customer ‘ownership’. Such customers will still be able to view your properties and register their interest. If the introducing agent has a Premium membership it will not be possible for your customer to request a market appraisal from you via the platform. (Please see the answer to the question below)

What happens with my own registered buyer database? 

We recommend that you continue to keep, update, and run your database as you currently do. Mutual is an additional aid for you to invite your customers to use so they get a better ‘Registered Buyer’ experience, you gain launching your appraisal/new instructions into a larger, deeper pool of registered buyers than you alone can provide. Selling homes quicker and achieving better sales prices.

What happens if I add a market appraised property and the customer is already a member of Mutual?

When you complete the customer details in the ‘Add a Property’ section the system will notify you that they are already a customer. You can still proceed to add the listing as the customer can choose your listing over their existing choice from their own dashboard.

What is the Mutual+Mail Facility and How do I set up the Mutual+Mail facility?

The Mutual+Mail Facility allows you to invite all your portal and web leads automatically to the Mutual Platform. Any customers joining through the link are automatically registered on our system as your ‘buyers’. Customers are sent an agency branded invite email suggesting they view your pre & off market properties via an embedded link. A guide to set-up the link from your ‘Leads’ inbox is contained in the ‘Getting Started’ Page accessed from your agent dashboard.

Do I get notified of market appraisal leads?

Yes, you will be notified via email. The lead is automatically placed into your dashboard in the ‘Market Appraisals’ tab.

What is a Virtual Office?

Core & Premium Membership plans enable you to create marketing beacons. As a Core member you have up to three and as a Premium Member up to six. A marketing beacon is a chosen address within a five mile radius of the branch. Essentially, they are used to place your agency details towards the top of the agency selector page for different areas. Our agency selector places agency details in order of proximity to the requested market appraisal property. By placing marketing beacons strategically an agency can locate their details higher in the list and thereby stimulate additional market appraisals.

I want to dual-brand the site with my agency logo how do I do this?

Only Core & Premium members have this facility. You can upgrade from your next monthly payment to achieve this go to the ‘Payment Summary’ tab in your dashboard.

How long should a property remain in ‘Pre-Market’

Unless customer and agent have confirmed an ‘instruction’ the property can only be placed in a Pre-Market status. However, once instructed and confirmed, the property on the site is under the control of the agent and it is then under your discretion.

Does a property have to be moved into ‘Off-Market’ status and if so for how long?

Once instructed the management of the property on the platform is at your discretion. We suggest that you change status from Pre-market to off-market initially to give you time to deal with registered buyer enquiries first and when the client requires initial discretion. Instructed properties can be moved from Pre-market directly to Open-market status if you wish. It is totally at your discretion based on your client and market circumstances.

When can I or when should I use the ‘Re-Market’ status?

We suggest this status is used to discretely obtain further buyer interest if the agreed sale is beginning to look or feels at risk. This is totally at your discretion; we do however suggest that you let your client know before doing so. This status could be used to prompt a lazy buyer into desired action. You can change the status to Off-Market or Open market if the sale has fallen through or back to SSTC/Sold when you feel it is out of danger.  

Can I add exterior photos?

No, to keep the property anonymous, we only allow interior photographs. Property photographs are routinely moderated – any infringement will be administered as per our terms and conditions. However, we will be adding an additional feature for ‘Open-Market’ properties shortly.

Are Agents allowed to have a consumer account?

Yes, but the system does not permit the use of the account under the same email or mobile number as the agency account.