The Off-Market Property Platform

About Mutual Off-Market Property Platform

Who are we?

Mutual is the first of its kind, an Off-Market property platform to support buyers, sellers and estate agents.

How Does Mutual Work?

If you are looking to buy

Mutual allows you to view and anonymously express interest in properties that have not yet joined the open market.

Through our unique detailed search, properties are shown in order, matching to your requirements. Your searches are automatically saved and you can set different alerts for each search.

Our system is set in such a way you do not see the same properties over and over again. Instead, your initial choice with each property is filed and properties are categorised in your dashboard as ‘Liked’, ‘Superliked’, or ‘Not Interested’.

‘Like’ category is for those properties you would like to keep an eye on and it also means that if their status change, this will re-appear to you in your next search notification. Choose to ‘Superlike’ a property and you will be contacted by the agent listing that property as soon as it is available for sale.

If you are looking to sell

For those considering whether now is the right time to sell their property, Mutual offers you a real-time indication of the level of interest in your home in a pre-market stage, giving you regular alerts as to how many buyers have ‘Liked’ and would like to keep an eye on your property or ‘Superliked’ it and would like to be contacted as soon as your property is marketed for sale.

When you feel ready to sell, you can continue your experience in the off-market section, by selecting up to three estate agencies through Mutual. At this stage, you can choose to book appraisals, which is a great way to boost interest in your property as your home will be then shown as ‘agent verified’ to prospective buyers. Booking appraisals also allows you to add three more photos to your property’s profile and a brief description of your home as well as a confirmation of your property’s valuation.

If you choose a Mutual registered agent to sell your property, the contact details of all interested buyers who have ‘Superliked’ your property will be shared with the agent, which enables you to know the level of interest in your home before you commit to marketing it.

Why Mutual?

Mutual offers buyers and estate agents the unique opportunity to identify properties that are likely to join the open market in the near future, whilst offering sellers the chance to test the market for buyer interest to inform their decision as to when to market their property for sale.  

By joining our risk-free platform, buyers, sellers, and agents can benefit from the discreet off-market Mutual offers. Sellers have the freedom to decide based on the level of interest whether they are ready to sell their home by placing their property in our pre-market category. Buyers can be ahead of others if they know what is up and coming into the open market.

Our Ethos

At Mutual, we value fairness and transparency. Our aim is to provide a platform in which all members benefit mutually. We believe mutual respect builds mutual trust leading to mutual benefits. As a result, delivering the best user experience for buyers, sellers, and agents in a respectful and honest environment is our driving forces.

Our platform provides an experience in which members can trust and feel safe as our main priority is to ensure that users’ privacy is maintained at all times.

When registered as a buyer, information provided is only shared in three circumstances:

  1. When a property you have liked is instructed to an agent and you choose to be contacted by the prompt;
  2. When you super like a property, in which case your details will be automatically sent to an estate agent once that property is instructed by a seller, placing you at the head of the queue;
  3. If you have joined Mutual through an estate agent’s invitation, that agent will have access to your details.  

Contact information provided by sellers is only shared with estate agents when you have requested to book marketing appraisals or to instruct an agency.