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Mutual off MarketMutual off MarketMutual off Market

Buy an Off-Market Property

Mutual is a free off-market platform that will help you find homes before they become available in the open market on major property search portals. Our unique search facility enables you to search a wider set of property features and then displays the properties in order of best matched to your requirements. Also, each search is saved automatically along with an alert, so you don’t miss out on any future properties. Even better, you can make several searches using different criteria, all are saved for future use. 

As you view each property in your search results you can choose to keep them on your ‘watch list’ (Like), request contact once the property becomes available to purchase (Super Like) or choose ‘Not Interested’. Properties only appear in your search results once unless there has been a status change.

Showing interest in homes on Mutual means you will be the first to know when they are available for viewings and helps encourage owners towards placing their home for sale.