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Off-Market for Investors

Serious property investors are always looking to be first to find a new opportunity coming on to the market. The Mutual Off-Market Property Platform is the ideal tool to provide a conveyor belt of opportunities daily.

Firstly, you can set up individual unique multiple searches based on small specific areas and currently this facility has unlimited searches. Each search comes with an alert, so you don’t get to miss any opportunity. As new pre-portal properties are listed, you hear about them first.

If you are wondering how we provide more pre-portal property opportunities? The reason is simple, our platform is used by would-be sellers to test the level of market interest ahead of committing and it is also where multiple local agencies across the country can Pre-Market properties they have appraised whilst they are doing the appraisal. Opportunities do not come fresher than that!

At the click of a button you can register your interest anonymously, saving you the hassle of unnecessary telephone or email conversations. When the target property becomes instructed