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Top Photography Tips

iPhone taking a photo

You don’t have to be a David Bailey in order to take a decent photograph, but you do need to know how to best present a room! Checkout our blog here to see tips on presenting a property at its best.

Here are 11 quick tips on how to photograph your property to sell!

Tip 1: Clean Your Lens

Before you start – clean your lens! (Mobile phones are especially prone to gathering dirt and dust – a quick wipe will do the trick).

Tip 2: Watch Your Angles

Keep in mind that rooms can look different taken from different angles and from different heights. Take several photos from different corners of the room, and from the doorway. Stand on a step for extra height so you can capture a “hight-to-low” shot. Or, lye on the floor to get a “low-to-high” angle. This will ensure a more accurate portrayal of the entire space.

Tip 3: Check for Ample Lighting

Make sure the room you are photographing is well lit, turn on all the lights, even in daytime, and bring in an extra lamp or two if necessary.

Tip 4: If You Have to Photograph in the Evening…

While we don’t recommend taking photos in the evening, if you must, make sure the space is well lit, and that all the light bulbs work; otherwise you’ll create unwanted shadows and ruin the overall visual.

Tip 5: Align Your Corners

Get the whole of the room in the shot by aligning two corners of the room or align the doorframe to a window frame. Ideally, you want to aim to get three corners of the room in the shot.

Tip 6: Open Doors

Keep the doors open in your photographs (e.g. bedroom door), this can provide a bit of depth to the shot and give the room a more spacious feel.

Tip 7: Make sure nice fixtures are captured in your image

Look at the room and ensure that you capture all the best features of the room within your image.

Tip 8: Don’t Photograph Yourself

 Make sure you don’t accidentally photograph yourself in the reflection of a mirror or window – especially, in bathrooms or other rooms with prominent mirrors. Double check this, as it’s easy to miss. 

Tip 9: Turn on the Gridlines When Using Your Mobile Camera

When using a mobile phone camera – turn on the gridlines. These are a set of 9 outlined boxes in your display which will help you keep the photograph straight and level.

Tip 10: Don’t Be Afraid to Use Filters

Utilise your phones editing features and filters to portray your properties best look!

Tip 11: Download a Photo Editing App

If you are not entirely happy with your results – consider using a photo editing app. A few helpful & free apps to consider are: Canava, Adobe Photoshop Express Editor, or Be Funky. There are plenty of free editing Apps available to choose from.

We hope these tips were helpful to your listing process. Remember, this is your opportunity to make an excellent first impression for your property.

If for some reason, you are still unhappy with your photographs after utilising these tips, please book a Mutual Member agent to come out and help photograph your property for you. You will see the option to book an agent towards the end of the listing process.

Max Fuller is the Creator and Founder of Mutual Pre-Portal Property Platform.