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What is in a Name?

Max Fuller, CEO and Founder of Mutual Off-Market

I’m often asked ‘Why call your property platform, Mutual?’

Quite simply – ‘Mutual’ best encompasses the ethos and values that are delivered through our Off-Market platform.

Mutual is a word that describes a co-operative approach rather than a combative approach. It represents a sense of fairness. Such fairness is proven, in a number of studies, to be an instinct we are born with – exhibited in children as young as two years old. When conceiving the idea for the platform, my overriding desire was to find a way in which each party, buyer,seller and agent, could cooperate to solve the typical pain points in selling a property. I wanted to create a service that was specifically designed to benefit all parties involved, rather than being biased towards one. So, how did I do it?

I started with a Mutual RESPECT for what each party needs:

What do buyers want?

Buyers are constantly looking for early access to new and upcoming properties. They want to be apart of a fair and transparent system, whilst maintaining a degree of control.

What do sellers want?

Sellers are often hesitant to place their house on the market for a myriad of reasons. A few big reasons are: a general fear that their property won’t collect buyer interest and/or the fear that their property isn’t priced correctly. Sellers are also looking for an element of privacy and discretion when selling their home, as it is often a big decision with many moving parts. Of course, just like the buyers, they are also looking for more transparency and control!

What do agencies want?

Agencies want more client instructions, improved conversion rates, less withdrawals, quicker sales, and lower abandoned costs.

I started with Mutual respect… in-turn creating a Mutual TRUST:

Buyer trust is created through a level of control. This control is created in their ability to choose which properties to register their interested in, while remaining completely anonymous until the property is ready for purchase. Additionally trust is enhanced as the Mutual platform is a level playing field for buyers, extending equal opportunity of first access. That is to say, you don’t need to be in-the-know, or ‘in the right place at the right time’, you just need a Mutual account!

Seller’s trust is generated by gaining independent feedback, and the potential of discreet marketing and sale. Sellers feel a sense of trust by watching their property listing collect real-time buyer interest, this feedback prompts them to engage with an agent and instruct sooner. The ability to market their property discreetly with complete anonymity gives them confidence to ‘dip their toe in the water’ and trust that the buyer interest is there rather than rely on the ‘word’ of an agent that they have ‘several buyers in mind’.

Agency trust is created through protection of their client’s identity (making client poaching much more difficult), providing agencies a better, more unique customer experience and being able to trial it for free.

I started with Mutual RESPECT… in-turn creating Mutual TRUST… Which leads to Mutual BENEFITS:

What each party wants – delivered through fairness with integrity and transparency.

Want to know how we put this Mutual respect, trust, and benefit into action? Take a look at and join our platform! If after trying Mutual for yourself, you think of a more suitable name, please tell us! Mutual Pre-Portal property Platform delivers all of the above!

Max Fuller is the Creator and Founder of Mutual Pre-Portal Property Portal